Strengthening Self and Connecting to Truth

Strengthening our Personality-Self
If we want to find a deeper meaning to life than the very temporary roles and relationships of normal living, we have to make the short journey down from our heads to our hearts to discover our heart’s desire and our soul’s purpose this lifetime. But before we can awaken to our soul’s purpose, we usually need to strengthen our personality-self.

We have all been damaged in degrees by our painful childhoods and early lives, but you cannot have been damaged too severely by all of this, or you would not be here! So please do not be too disheartened by all the healing of past traumas that you may still need to do. I can assure you that although healing journey may be long and painful, it is not infinite!

In this world, most human beings are trapped in survival mode and so they cannot really thrive. Some human beings can even have a lower vibration than some animals, particularly if they have been seriously abused as children, or lived through very violent conflicts. Everyone on this course is so blessed to have risen above basic survival mode! We have all had the opportunity to study to increase our mental power and we have all learnt some very valuable life-skills that have led us to this enlightening spiritual journey.

Most of us experienced at least some positive nurturing in our early childhood, but we still had to work hard to build a strong positive character for ourselves and some of you may still have more work to do on that score. But however much we have cultivated a strong, resilient character, we all need to build up even stronger persistence and determination, if we are going to follow the spiritual path all the way home to the absolute truth.

Most of you have been on a spiritual quest during a previous lifetime. I restarted my own spiritual journey this lifetime when I was in me 30s. From then on, I just knew that I had a soul purpose to fulfil this lifetime and so my physical existence began to have a real meaning to it.

Connecting to the Truth
The truth never hides from us, but we hide from it. If your mind is not moving, it will get in touch with the truth, but it takes a lot of training for the mind to stay still for even a moment or two. You cannot just sit still and expect the truth to dawn into your mind. You need a lot of energy to meditate effectively. This is why Shaolin Temple monks train in martial arts, as well as the meditative arts and Zen teachings that directly point to the truth. The monks also observe celibacy and then use their sexual energy to fuel their spiritual practices. They practise Zen meditation so that the truth can eventually dawn into their minds.

Great masters know that the truth contains a vast ocean of power – way beyond normal human powers. A fully enlightened mind knows everything, whereas an ordinary mind knows nothing. ‘Knowing’, or connecting to ‘the truth’, will give you unparalleled satisfaction and contentment and nothing in this world can compare to it. When you know the absolute truth about life, you will be totally alive and your consciousness will be absolutely free, so that you can zoom up to heaven, or even down into hell realms.

‘I’ never dies, and when you finally identify with ‘I’ rather than ‘me’, you will know that your true-self is a heavenly self that does not die. This higher self can embrace your worldly little self and then use this little self to fulfil a universal purpose. What is the universal purpose of existence? A Course in Miracles states that the Son of God is meant to co-create with God, but we have no idea what this means! Other spiritual teachings claim that the purpose of our existence is to know ourselves, or to liberate ourselves from an endless dream full of pain and dissatisfaction.

I would say that the universal purpose is for us to connect to the truth and to know the truth and then to extend that blissful truth to others.

Copyright Jason Chan and Jane Rogers 2012