Three Levels of Advanced Standing

Advanced Standing Like a Tree can be practiced at three levels. These are normally taught separately, building on from one another. Use your discernment in your practice as to how many levels you practice. You can practice level 1 on its own, with level 2 or with levels 2 and 3.

Do not practice when the physical body is feeling weak (use Golden Sun instead). You need to be physically strong to handle the more powerful energy. Develop your physical strength.

Do not practice more than 4 times a week. Do not do Advanced Standing Like a Tree and the 5 stages of the Tai Chi together.

– Level 1 – Opening
At the first level you open the chakra, breathing in and out at the chakra. The arms are held at the level of the chakra with the hands holding a ball of light. The ball expands and contracts as you breathe. Breathe in and out through the chakra, 9 breaths.

– Level 2 – Turning
Breathe in, raising the eyes. The hands remain holding the ball of light. The mind stays on the chakra. Holding the breath, roll the eyes nine times clockwise and nine times anti-clockwise. Note that the head moves slightly with the eyes. Release the breath and regulate your breathing before moving on to level 3. You do not need to consciously turn the chakra, it will happen naturally.

– Level 3 – Strengthening
Holding the light ball feel it expanding. Feel your fingers being pulled outwards as though with strings. The hands have to contain the energy. Use the mind to bring the palms back and gently resist the expansion, do not tense the fingers. 9 breaths.

The three levels are used at each of the chakras starting from the base up to the crown. It is also used when holding the light ball on your back to strengthen the lower back and kidneys.

Other points
Earth/Heaven Rainbow bridge – opens up the channels and body

When holding the light ball at a chakra, the ball can be either the golden sun or the silver moon. Follow your intuition which to use but if in doubt which to use just hold a light ball. If you feel too Yang at a chakra use the silver moon, if too Yin use the golden sun.

After the throat chakra come back to base centre to gather energy. Raise it up the spine to the jade pillow. Hands come up behind and thumbs point to jade pillow. Do not take shoulders back, as it will cut off the Chi.

At the crown chakra the hands open at the heart for opening and turning. For strengthening move hands up to crown level.

Between jade pillow and crown you can return to base centre if the arms are tired.

Lion’s mouth. Lower hand is at the base centre, upper hand at the crown. You are holding a large pearl. The foot turns outward, but you can adjust your stance to give you width and balance. Practice moving from one lion’s mouth to the other.

Light ball at back – utilise the three levels, opening, turning and strengthening. Turn a Tai Chi circle around the lower back. The size can vary, small to work on base centre, medium for small of back, larger to include kidneys. Strengthens hips, lower spine and kidneys.

Bend forward, ball on back. Keep spine straight. Breathe in from base to crown, breathe out from crown to base.

Bend forward, resting on ball. Breathe in and out from whole body into the ball.

Triangle. Imagine yourself up to the waist in the Earth. Fingers are in the earth. Bring earth force into your side just below the rib cage.

Energy goes from the fingers, up the body (8 strands?) out through the crown to the light, down round the auric field to the ground and back up to the base. Visualise this as Butterfly wings. The eight strands forming the pattern on the wings.