Qualities within the Form

As we go deeper into the form we look to develop a number of qualities within the form. These can be used to assess our progress and as an aid to further development.

Sequence of Form
Knowledge of the sequence of movements, being able to perform the sequence without too much concentration or thought about the sequence. The sequence should be accurate and precise, the movements controlled and flowing. The movements should flow naturally from one to the other.

Yin and yang
Expressing the qualities of yin and yang within the form. Both qualities should be expressed and should be felt.

Breath Coordination
Coordination of movement and breath, breathing in as the body rises and out descending, breathing out when expanding and in when drawing in. The breath should be natural and in no way forced or controlled.

Bringing the qualities of the elements into the movement, expressing earth, air, fire and water. Also feeling the qualities of the image of the movement and expressing that quality, rainbows, dragons, eagles etc. You should become the element, finding that quality inside yourself and expressing it through the movement.

Gracefulness and beauty
This is the expression of gracefulness in the movement through the discovery of inner beauty. The form should be graceful and beautiful to watch, it should express an inner feeling of beauty resulting from self knowledge

Chi Flow
The ability to feel the chi and express it through the movement. This includes the strength of the three main centres of energy and the expression of that strength. The chi flow should be continuous from start to end. The chi should be an expression of external chi flow from both heaven and earth.

Strength and Power
The form should be based on solid foundations. The stances and movement should be grounded, strong and solid. The movement of the hips and waist should smoothly transfer the power into the upper body.

Self Expression
Ultimately the form should be unique. The above qualities should be mastered first, but then the form becomes an expression of individual nature as a combination of physical movement and spiritual quality. This is different from expressing personality. It is an expression of emptiness, of form, of mind and emotion and therefore an expression of true unadulterated nature.