Infinite Tai Chi

What is Infinite Tai Chi?
Infinite Tai Chi is a modern form of Tai Chi, developed by Jason Chan. It is a particularly flowing form of Tai Chi, which balances strength and softness with awareness of the elements. Infinite Tai Chi is a non-martial form. The movements, on which Tai Chi is based, were originally created to support monks in their meditation, however, over time, they became martial arts. Infinite Tai Chi recalls the original movement in that its main purpose is to support personal and spiritual development.

Infinite Tai Chi differs from other more traditional forms of Tai Chi in three main ways:
– It is heart centered. Although the physical movement comes from the pelvis and hip area, the Infinite Tai Chi movement opens and strengthens the heart centre.
– It is soft and flowing and balances strength and softness. The strong martial movements have been removed, however, the delicacy of movement brings with it a more subtle strength.
– Its main focus is on providing tools for personal growth and in particular to make you become more aware of your true, spiritual, nature.

“Infinite Tai Chi is not just about learning the form. We are teaching you to hold the light as you move so that you can connect to the greater aspects of life. This connection is stunningly beautiful. When every soul on earth has opened up to the beauty and grace of Life Itself, everyone will simply lay down their weapons and the whole world will be at peace. Finally, all ancient hatreds and anger will dissolve in the light of human kind’s higher consciousness.
My faith in the infinite power of the light is not a belief system. My faith is based on my own vivid experiences of the miraculous power of this love and light. When I touch this light, I am touching Life Itself, and when I hold this light in my consciousness, how can I possibly hate, or attack, any living being?” 
Jason Chan

Infinite Tai Chi – An Article by Jason Chan
Infinite Tai Chi Form
Stage 1- Awakening the Heart
– hints and tips
Stage 2 – Yin and Yang
– hints and tips
Stage 3 – Reaching for the Light
– hints and tips
Stage 4 – Awakening to the Light
– hints and tips
Stage 5 – The Divine
– hints and tips
Short Form

Infinite Tai Chi on the Mountain Top – Levels of performing Infinite Tai Chi by Jason Chan

Advanced Infinite Tai Chi – A series of Articles by Jason Chan which help us to understand the potential of the Infinite Tai Chi form and the potential it has for assisting in personal growth and spiritual awakening.

Chi Radiance / Connecting to Cosmic Energy
Clearing our Karma / Cultivating Spiral Power
Stop Playing Small / Connecting to Love Energy
Clearing your Nadis and Negative Karma / Healing is a Gradual Process
Connecting to Your Soul / Experiencing Inner Turbulence
Infinite Tai Chi as a Moving Meditation / Bridging the Gap between Heaven and Earth
Strengthening our Personality-Self / Connecting to the Truth
Cultivating Strong, Radiant Energy / Fulfilling Your Earthly Mission
Living and Dying: What for? / Soul to Soul Love

The practice of Infinite Tai Chi, also incorporates: Infinite Chi Kung (energy exercise) to develop your energy, Yoga, for strength and suppleness and Meditation for inner stillness.

Infinite Chi Kung
Golden Sun Sequence
Standing Like a Tree
Standing Like a Tree (with movement)
Four Elements
Six Elements
Healing Sounds
Advanced Standing
Three Levels of Advanced Standing
Dragon Chi Kung

See Jason Chan perform the Golden Dragon Chi Kung

The Benefits
Tai Chi works at many levels. It provides gentle physical exercise, improving coordination, balance and physical strength. It improves the body’s ability to heal itself, by releasing blocked energy and creating a state of balance. It helps us to slow down, to become more aware and present, so that we can deal better with the stresses of modern living. It improves our vitality, energising the body and mind. It helps us to find inner stillness, increasing the peace and tranquility in our life. Tai Chi is a tool. It is how you use the tool that is important.