A Simple Routine

This is a simple routine to awaken the chi and re-balance yourself even if you only have a few minutes to practice. It combines a number of elements but at its simplest would only include Rooting in, Master Tam and Churning the Golden Sun. The routine should take between 5 and 15 minutes. It can be used as a daily routine on its own or on those days when you don’t have time for a longer routine.

To describe it in full:

Rooting In
Root into the earth. Feel your body relaxing. Imagine roots from the soles of the feet going into the earth. Feel the energy, chi, rising from the earth into the Tan Tien.

Tune in
Raising and lowering the arms in tune with the breath about 6 times followed by 3 times raising and grounding the chi. This establishes the slow movement, coordinates with the breath and settles the mind.

Master Tam
Follow the sequence which awakens the Chi. Repeat the sequence at least 6 times, going deeper as you do so. Start with slow smooth movement, then coordinate with the breath, then feel the chi like a silken thread. At the end touch down with the hands and then turn the hands towards each other to feel the chi.

Churn the Golden Sun
Feel the sun between the hands, or visualise it. Raise the sun in front of you to the head and then bring it through the head and down through the body. Churn like this 6 to 9 times. The intent here is important, use it to bring healing, cleansing, purifying or balancing to yourself. It is all for you, whatever you need. At the end stand for a few moments and just relax, being aware of your body, mind and chi.

Bring the hands in towards the body at the Tan Tien. Rise, breathing in bringing the hands up behind you, breathe out hands coming down in front back to the Tan Tien. Repeat twice. This lowers the energy and stores the chi. Stand in the nurturing position, hands turned towards the Tan Tien for as long as you want. The intent here is for your own health and well being. You are looking after yourself.

Each of these elements can be practised on their own.
– Rooting in is used before all meditation, Tai Chi, Chi Kung, healing or energy work. Can be used at any time standing or sitting, just to bring you back to your centre. Roots you into the earth and your environement brings you back in touch with what is important. Use it to remind yourself of your purpose and intent.
– Tuning in can be used to prepare body and mind for Tai Chi, Chi Kung or healing work. Also very good just to calm you when you feel anxious or stressed.  Focus on the breath to settle and calm the mind.
– Master Tam can be used to awaken the chi, to increase your energy and open your heart centre. Use this exercise when you want to raise your energy and invigorate yourself.  Use is when you need a quick pick me up.
– Churn the Golden Sun as a way of healing, cleansing or purifying the body and energy field. This is a way of giving yourself a little time and attention. Use this when you are feeling in need. When you feel that you need looking after. Use it when you are unwell or if you feel that an illness or bug is coming on. Most of all use it when you feel in need of some love.  Best used in conjunstion with the previous exercise to raise the energy first.
– Nurture at the end of a session to ground the energy. Use this exercise when you feel ungrounded, light headed or spacey. Use it if you feel that any energy work has left you ungrounded. Use it if your energy feels in your head or you feel your crown and third eyes centres are open and you want to lower your energy.